Create a new monthly income today

Become a landlord in five minutes by co-owning properties on Cribstock and earn rent every month from one or multiple tenants.


Fetching stocks

How Cribstock Works

When you successfully invest into a property, you’ll earn a daily interest tied to the appreciation of the property. You’ll also earn rent from tenants who use the property.

Create a free account
  • Create a free account which comes with a free wallet and a free bank account attached for funding.
  • Setup your wallet secret pin or activate wallet
  • Tap the fund wallet button to reveal your unique account number
  • Send Naira into the unique account number to successfully fund wallet
Invest in a property
  • On your account, kindly visit the Invest page
  • Click on a property from the list
  • Check prices to determine the minimum stock price you can buy
  • Scroll inside the property to view details and buy stock
  • Click to Buy Stock and choose quantity (you can own multiple stocks)
Start earning
  • Check your Portfolio to see your daily growth.
  • You can own more stocks to increase earnings
  • You can invest into more than one property at a time.
  • Use the Buy/Sell stock to withdraw your investment anytime.
  • Cash should be available on your wallet to withdraw to any Naira bank

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