Unlock Incredible Earnings

Gain monthly cashflow from rental properties

Unlock a stake in furnished Lagos apartments without the high costs. Earn from premium rentals with ease.

Why you should invest in rental deal

One time investment (no annual/monthly fees)

You are to invest only one time into a properties deal without paying any other annual or monthly fees.

Earn rent (cashflow) every month for 7 years

Earn up to 2.5% monthly cashflow which amounts up to 30% annually over a 7 years period before deal expiration.

Withdraw profits anytime.

Withdraw profits to any bank account when you desire.

How rental deal works

Select a property deal

Select any property deal to invest in while considering the property information, projected return on investment, and location.

Buy shares to be a co-investor

Buy shares of a property deal to enable you earn from the property for up to 7 years

Enjoy Flexibility

Invest in multiple shares of a property or in multiple shares of as many property deals as possible.

Earn up to 25% cashflow per year

Earn rental cash flow every month with ease, which can be withdrawn to any bank account instantly.

Withdraw profits or reinvest.

You can withdraw your rental earnings when you desire from your property wallet.

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Where do I receive my monthly earnings?

Your monthly rental income is paid directly to your dividend wallet, from which you can now withdraw into your main multipurpose wallet and further to any bank account in your name. There are three core functions of your dividend wallet:

  1. You can view the history of your rental earnings on a particular asset, month by month, as they vary.
  2. You can track your simple income statement on a particular asset which includes; inflow, outflow, and balance.
  3. After the probation period for an asset, you can process withdrawal of rental income to your main wallet and further to your bank account whenever you desire.

Where can I track the revenue generated by a property I invested in?

The Performance section in the property details presents a breakdown of your property's revenue through a calendar. This allows you to see the total number of nights booked, revenue earned, and profits generated. You can also access the bookkeeping of your venture to help you understand how profit is determined from revenue after expenses.

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