About us

Cribstock is solving a hard problem faced by over 250 million Africans. The average real estate ownership age in Africa starts at 45. Through fractional ownership of properties more younger people can own real estate and enjoy similar benefits of a landlord

Cribstock is a community where young professionals can participate to own real estate as a means to wealth creation and through this; You can contribute to infrastructural development in Nigeria. By 2050, Nigeria would be among the most populated countries on earth and we believe that real estate would be one of the most sought after amenities as it currently is.

Across all genders & race, more young people will own real estate than ever as we simplify the process of learning, research, verification, documentation, acquisition, earning, management and liquidation.

To the stars

To say that we are challenging the status quo would undermine our mission. We are building the future of ownership

Meet our founders

Harold Nno

Chief Executive Officer

Oluwadamilola Shofarasin

Operations Manager

Jude Francis

Frontend Engineer