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Popular questions

  • Can I own stocks of more than one apartment at the same time?

    Yes you can

  • What is dividend

    Dividend is a share of net rent collected from tenants who use the property you co-own

  • How do I earn dividend or rental income

    Rental dividends are paid directly to your wallet which you can withdraw to any Naira bank account.

  • How do I cancel pending orders

    Kindly go to your portfolio page and click on “my order” to see all pending orders to cancel

  • How to withdraw profits or interest that the stock yields?

    To withdraw your daily growth you may need to sell your stock (either one or all). To do this you would need to sell your stocks using the Buy/Sell button on your Portfolio to create a sell order. Once you successfully sell your stock, you’ll have the money available on your wallet which you could either withdraw or reinvest.